evocube - the missing link between your IDE and your webserver

evocube is a full featured local web development server running as a virtual machine on your host system, regardless if it is OSX, Linux or Windows.

evocube booting

Key benefit for you as a developer is the effortless administration. It will only take seconds from creation to running your new web project in an environment that is to the detail identical to your live web server.

A few simple steps will configure the Apache on your virtual machine and it'll pick up the changes automatically. You'll be ready to go before you've even considered going to get coffee.

Key benefit for your admin is that he won't have to come over every time you require help with configuring Linux, Apache, PHP or MySQL ... remote administration and central deployment of updates comes also with the box.

evocube will help you ...

  • work faster
  • work FASTER
  • work everywhere
  • get new developers going in no time
  • add developers to a team in no time
  • be loved by admins & developers and be just plain awesome ;-)

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